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Audition Poetic Disasters Club

The Poetic Disasters Club is looking for dancers (M/F/X) (INTERNSHIP)

Next season, we’re looking for dancers to join our big production Before/After that was made in the beginning of 2020 but unfortunately, due to Covid-19 situation last minute couldn’t premiere.  We decided to bring it back and share this beautiful piece with the world.  

We are looking for a big group of dancers to be a part of MAXI-PDC, who will join us in September 2021 for this mega production.   

Before / After is our main touring NITE production next season. Guy Weizman has directed the piece, along with Roni Haver as Choreographer.  

For this production we would like to create the image with a big group of people. This is an interdisciplinary project with film, live music, dance, theater and more. Moving and dancing across the stage, these people will form an ever-changing choreography and image. In addition, they will sing as a choir together with the professional opera singers (we don’t require special singing talents).   

Rehearsals start in September and the tour will end in December of 2021. We will work in Groningen and during the tour we’ll travel together by touring bus from Groningen to every theatre. 


To resume:
September – December 2021
Position: Trainee
Fee: Intern salary (Gross 350 euros per full time month)
Housing in or around Groningen: arranged by yourself, during rehearsal period and tour.
Travel expenses: In total we will refund 2 return trips to your home city.   


If you are interested, please contact Tatiana via this email address: Tatiana@nite.nl for more information concerning the project. 

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