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TETRIS Mon Amour❤️ in Tel Aviv

06 08 2019 ,1MIN
This year we'll be part of the Tel Aviv International Dance Festival, with our performance TETRIS Mon Amour. Don't miss out on this high pressure dance concert at Guy & Roni's homebase Tel Aviv - if you're around this summer. We are ready to be THERE in the SQUARE again! Aug 12 - 14 at the Suzanne Dellal Centre מרכז סוזן דלל    
TETRIS Mon Amour

Mechanical Ecstasy at Lowlands

13 06 2019 ,1MIN
See you at Lowlands festival this year! We are BACK. Join the party on Friday August 16th. Experience a new kind of high at Mechanical Ecstasy.
Mechanical Ecstasy

Mechanical Ecstasy at the RUG-gala

06 06 2019 ,1MIN
Join the party! For one night only, we turn the Martiniplaza into the hottest dance club in town during the lustrum gala of the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen.
Mechanical Ecstasy

18 05 2019 ,1MIN
An aftertalk-podcast for the Brave New World-fans.
Brave New World 2.0


10 04 2019 ,2MIN

Weekend Break weekend! Check the program.

Weekend Break Festival


03 04 2019 ,1MIN
When it's Monday Igor is in need of a Weekend Break. Luckily our annual performance festival "Club Guy & Roni's Weekend Break Festival 2019" is coming up 😎
Weekend Break Festival


14th of June: FridayNITE 2018/2019 Season Closing

22 05 2019

FridayNITE 24th of May

25 03 2019

NITE-LINE: 0629830087

11 03 2019

OPEN 2 NITE: workshops, sneak peek at rehearsal and more!

04 03 2019
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