Club Guy & Roni’s Poetic Disasters Club

“I have not become, what I should have become.”
What expectations should you meet? And who decides that? In ‘Self-Accusation’, a piece by Austrian playwright Peter Handke, the main character accuses himself, in a way to challenge the oppressive morality and his so-called free will. Does that actually exist, free will? Actor and theatre maker Hendrik Aerts turns this play into a sly and ironic performance, with explosive dance, live music, video and text. About desires that are never fulfilled. Club Guy & Roni’s Poetic Disasters Club already adapted plays by Handke and performed the successful pieces ‘offending the audience’ and ‘KASPAR’ on former editions of the Parade.


Director: Hendrik Aerts | Dance: Agnese Fiocchi, Patrick de Haan, Tatiana Matveeva, Manuel Paolini, Milan Schudel, Sonia Zwolska | Music: Jonathan Bonny, Andy Smart | Video/light: Satu Leskinen | Costumes: Marrit van der Burgt and Camille Bodin (internship) | Make-up: Anna de Vriend | Image: Marloes Meiborg (internship) | Technique: Martin Lambeek | Special thanks to: Tom Jansen, Karin Deden.
Coproduction: Club Guy & Roni’s Poetic Disasters Club, Grand Theatre Groningen, Slagwerk Den Haag