Noord Nederlands Toneel, Club Guy & Roni and Asko|Schönbergs K[h]AOS

Carrousel is a performance where theatre, dance and music come together in a spectacular arena. It tells the story of an exhausting and fatal dance marathon, inspired by Horace McCoy’s 1935 novel ‘They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?’, and Sydney Pollack’s famous film adaption of the book in 1969. Why is it that we often like to watch the suffering of others? In sports, reality shows, films, social media or the theatre. Maybe we feel more alive? Or see that our own lives are not that bad? Whatever happens, the wheels of life keep on turning. The Carrousel won’t stop. Or will it? Seven actors of Noord Nederlands Toneel, four dancers of Club Guy & Roni and six musicians of Asko|Schönbergs K[h]AOS battle to win the public’s attention in a poetic and comic play. With an original text by Belgian poet and playwright Bernard Dewulf.

Directed by: Guy Weizman | text: Bernard Dewulf | choreography: Roni Haver | director music: Fedor Teunisse | music composition: Mátyás Wettl | dramaturgy: Robbert van Heuven | cast: Bram van der Heijden, Fabian Jansen, Veerle van Overloop, Hendrik Aerts, Bien De Moor, Nadia Amin, Mariana Aparicio Torres, Igor Podsiadły, Angela Herenda, Sofiko Nachkebiya, Adam Peterson, Daan Van Koppen (saxophone), Arno Bakker (sousaphone), Tim Sabel (piano) Martin van Hees (guitar), Diamanda La Berge Dramm (violin), Maya Fridman (cello) | stage design: Ascon de Nijs | visuals: WERC | costumes: Slavna Martinovic | light: Wil Frikken | sound: Peter Zwart | assistant to the director: Wim de Vries

NRC ★★★★
“Carrousel is true theatrical poetry”
“The most beautiful is the infinite tenderness and vulnerability shown by the dancers and actors.” >>

Trouw ★★★★
“Carrousel is a cannonade of images, words, music and movement, totally in your face.”  >>

de Volkskrant ★★★★
“In this stage adaptation of the film ‘They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?’ dancers and actors lift each other to great heights. Director Guy Weizman makes a beautiful first impression as the new director of theatre company NNT.”   >>

Dagblad van het Noorden ★★★★
“Guy Weizman succeeded. And how! Carrousel, Weizman’s first performance as artistic director of the Noord Nederlands Toneel, is a sophisticated blend of dance, music and visual art, of spectacle and modesty, of humour and compassion… This is great total theatre.”

Scènes Magazine ★★★★
“It is very nice to watch seventeen people on stage providing a theatrical performance where dance, text, movement and music are completely equivalent to each other”.   >>

More press (Dutch):

Pijn als spektakel – Scènes (Jos Schuring) >> 
Dansen tot je er (niet) bij neervalt
– Dagblad van het Noorden (Eric Nederkoorn) >>
Weizman wil bij NNT weer theater ‘met lef’ maken – de Volkskrant (Karin Veraart) >>

Mechanical Ecstasy

22, 23 and 24 March in Théâtre National de Chaillot in Paris, France

In Mechanical Ecstasy the repetitive beats and hypnotizing dance will make you forget about the world. Club Guy & Roni and Slagwerk Den Haag create a Club Night in which the boundaries between performance and party dissolve. The beats become a mantra, on the way to ecstasy. The public and performers can experience the timeless feeling of freedom in a mix of stimulating drums and hypnotizing dance. Or at least for a little while. With music by Jan-Bas Bollen and NOISIA’s Thijs de Vlieger, performed live by the men of Slagwerk Den Haag.


Trailer Mechanical Ecstasy (made by Lex Vesseur)



Concept and choreography: Guy Weizman and Roni Haver | Music Composition: Jan-Bas Bollen and Thijs de Vlieger (NOISIA) | Chef music: Fedor Teunisse | Text and dramaturgy: Veerle van Overloop | Performance: Cast of Club Guy & Roni | Musicians: Salgwerk Den Haag. Sound: Martin J. A. Lambeek. Light: Maarten van Rossem | Costumes: Slavna Martinovic.

On tour

Weekend Break Festival

The Grand Theatre in Groningen dedicates the whole month of April to dance, and Club Guy & Roni will kick off with Club Guy & Roni’s Weekend Break Festival. You can visit the festival on Friday 31st of March or Saturday the 1st of April 2017 and check out an exciting program with contemporary dance, theatre, film, live music, multimedia and more. This year you can see among others The Poetic Disasters Club, Dunja Jocic, Urban House and NNTwee in action. And of course, we end both nights with an afterparty with DJ Neon Wasabi.

This year on the program:
– ‘Teddy’s last Ride’ by the Poetic Disasters Club
– ‘Terra Incognita’ by Dunja Jocic
– ‘Zuhause 2.0’ by WAS EST IS
– Urban House
– Installation Self-Accusation by Satu Leskinen
– DJ Neon Wasabi

In preparation to the festival we will publish a timetable online, which clarifies which performances you can see where and when.

Program highlights

* ‘Teddy’s last Ride’ by the Poetic Disasters Club
‘Teddy’s last ride’ will be the first piece completely made and performed by Club Guy & Roni’s Poetic Disasters Club itself. Join them, on their trip through thirty minutes of raunchy exploration, gut-wrenching tales, and dirty basement beats, as they gyrate, shake, and dance their way through adolescence. Director Tatiana Matveeva derived inspiration from ‘Haunted’ by American writer Chuck Palahniuk. With music composed by Adriaan Bon and Andy Smart.

* ‘Terra Incognita’ by Dunja Jocic
Dunja Jocic, already for many years an outstanding dancer with Club Guy & Roni, surprises as a choreographer with personal dance projects and films. ‘Terra Incognita’ is a physical and interdisciplinary duet based on the short story by Vladimir Nabokov. Escaped friends try to reach the unknown land Gurano Hills in the tropical hell of Badonia.

* Installation Self-Accusation by Satu Leskinen
Lighting designer Satu Leskinen presents a sneak peek of the performance Self-Accusation in the form of a video installation. Self-Accusation is the new presentation of the Poetic Disasters Club under the direction of Hendrik Aerts, and will premiere in the Bostheater in Amsterdam in June.

* NNTwee
A group of youngsters from NNTWEE voluntarily lock themselves up in the studio of the Grand Theatre. Along with theatre maker and lecturer Sijas de Groot they will work on a physical theatre project. On Friday March 31, the doors close and 24 hours later, on Saturday, April 1st, the group will be released. What it is, is still unclear, but it seems inevitable that it will be groundbreaking, dynamic and breathtaking.

* ‘Zuhause 2.0’ by WAS ES IST
About coming and leaving home
About the reality of losing your home
About the journey of finding a new home
About why we always need to say where we come from instead of where we are going

More program updates will follow!

On tour


At times it almost feels like happiness is a must… But you can also disover great beauty in sadness. Happiness is an absurd and bittersweet comedy about a family who aren’t exactly what you would call conventional. Sweet, weird, and eccentric people who choose their own bumpy road in life. They are awkward, maladjusted and do things other people would consider perverse. Their desire to find happiness is grand and colorful. They’d rather find their own path, wherever it may lead.

The dancers and musicians of Club Guy & Roni and Slagwerk Den Haag are accompanied on stage by six real people, aged 8 to 71 years old. The music for this performance is written by Frank Wienk (Binkbeats, Slagwerk Den Haag) and Niels Broos (The Kyteman Orchestra). Happiness is a tragical comedy in the tradition of films like Todd Solondz’s ‘Happiness’ and Wes Anderson’s ‘The Royal Tenenbaums’. Stories about dysfunctional families that catch you off guard and leave you wondering whether you should laugh or cry…


Happiness in the press

de Volkskrant ★★★★
“Tense, coarse, daring, well timed.” (Annette Embrechts)

Het Parool ★★★★ 
“Happiness is solid as a rock.” (Fritz de Jong)

Theaterkrant ★★★★
“Stands out for the maladjusted.” (Luuk Verpaalen)

Dagblad van het Noorden ★★★★
“The way Weizman and Haver have represented these feelings and desires is impressive” (Joep van Ruiten)

NRC Handelsblad ★★★
“Strong piece by choreographers Weizman and Haver about the beauty of imperfection.” (Francine van der Wiel)

Column NRC Handelsblad
“When dance ís good, it beats all. Like Happiness by Club Guy & Roni.” (Joyce Roodnat)


Directed and choreographed by: Guy Weizman and Roni Haver | dramaturgy: Veerle van Overloop | music composition: Frank Wienk and Niels Broos | musical director: Fedor Teunisse | dance: Camilo Chapela, Roni Haver, Angela Herenda, Sofiko Nachkebiya, Adam Peterson and Igor Podsiadły | live music: Jonathan Bonny, Niels Meliefste/Enric Monfort, Frank Wienk | extra’s: Joanne van den Bos, Albert Delfos, Kevin Duurken, Jonne Glasbeek/Noah Halsema, Carin Halsema, Martijn Veldman | stage design: Ascon de Nijs | costumes: Slavna Martinovic | light: Wil Frikken | sound: Simon Derks.

The Jungle is our House

Calais, 2013. A group of men is holding up a banner with the text: ‘The Jungle is our house, plz do not destroy it, if you do so then where is the place to go’. It was their protest against the clearing of an illegal camp at an abandoned site which they called ‘the Jungle’. Shortly after a new ‘Jungle’ arises in the dunes, which mid-2015 has grown into the largest slum in Western Europe.

‘The Jungle is our House’ is about Lebensraum. About eating or being eaten, the arrogance of power and the law of the strongest. Musician Bert Dockx (from the band Flying Horseman), actress Veerle van Overloop and dancer and Swan winner Igor Podsiadły are performing in a piece based on documentary material, edited into a collage with its own voice, music and rhythm. A performance between heaven and hell in a confined space.

direction and acting: Veerle van Overloop ∙ composition and live music: Bert Dockx (Flying Horseman / Dans Dans / Strand)  ∙ choreography and dance: Igor Podsiadły ∙ video and light: Satu Leskinen ∙ scenography: Caroline van de Meent
coproduction Club Guy & Roni and Arenbergschouwburg Antwerp.



Club Guy & Roni’s Poetic Disasters Club

What was it that I said just now?
If I only knew what it is that I said just now!
If I only knew what I said just now!
What is that that I said just now?
What was I actually saying just now?
What was it that was being said just now?
If I only knew what I said just now!
What was that actually that I was saying just now?

After the successful performance ‘Offending the Audience’ Club Guy & Roni’s Poetic Disasters Club is taking up another piece by Austrian playwright Peter Handke. ‘KASPAR’ is based on the story of Kaspar Hauser. The boy who, according to his own words, lived in a dark cell for fifteen years, and who appeared in 1828 in the German city of Neurenburg, neglected and with the intellectual level of a four year old. He could barely speak, but he was able to write his own name, and became a living legend. In this play director Hendrik Aerts and choreographer Angela Herenda let everyone be Kaspar. Aerts and Herenda are particularly intrigued by the idea of “being someone without understanding”. In a bold and theatrical performance the dancers, musicians and performers are turning into Kaspar. To become like “somebody else once was”. With impressive vocals, music and dance, and performers that make you see things in a new light.

Directed by: Hendrik Aerts
Choreography: Angela Herenda
Dancers: Agnese Fiocchi, Patrick de Haan, Harold Luya, Tatiana Matveeva, Manuel Paolini, Milan Schudel and Sonia Zwolska
Performers/musicians: Judith Döhn, Andy Smart and Élénie Wagner
Scenography: Pim Kraan
Make-up: Sara Meerman
Partners: Academie Minerva, Kunstraad Groningen.


The award winning Club Guy & Roni often surprises the audience, with explosive dancing, intense acting, innovative live music, and humour. In ‘Phobia’ Club Guy & Roni and the Slovenian dance company EnKnapGroup grab fear by its throat. What happens when you try to keep an open mind, despite your fear of the unknown? To open up to another and meet each other as equals, at a time were conflicts and xenophobia lurk in every corner? The theatre text by Martijn de Rijk will be based on texts from international thinkers, like Bas Heijne. Slagwerk Den Haag performs the music live. ‘Phobia’ is an ode to courage and puts fear back in its place.

Choreography: Guy Weizman and Roni Haver | Composition: Hugo Morales and Pepe Garcia | Chef music: Fedor Teunisse | Text/dramaturgy: Martijn de Rijk and Bas Heijne | Performers: Camilo Chapela, Angela Herenda, Dunja Jocic, Veerle van Overloop, Adam Peterson, Luke Thomas Dunne, Ana Štefanec, Tamás Tuza, Ida Hellsten, Bence Mezei, Nik Rajšek | Musicians: Pepe Garcia, Niels Meliefste, Enric Monfort | Light: Wil Frikken | Sound: Martin J.A. Lambeek | Costumes: Slavna Martinovic | Scenographic advisor: Ascon de Nijs | Co-production: Club Guy & Roni in collaboration with EN-KNAP and Slagwerk Den Haag.


The press on Phobia (Dutch):
“a roaring explosion of movement” (NRC Handelsblad – ‘Club Guy & Roni danst de angst’) >>
“Who are these globetrotters with their abundant style that are finally winning over the Netherlands?” (de Volkskrant – ‘Wervelwinden, profiel Guy Weizman en Roni Haver’) >>
“powerful scenes with phenomenal dance” (Dagblad van het Noorden – ‘De dans om het ganzenei’) >>
“an extreme visual spectacle” (de Volkskrant – ‘Kiezen tussen een bom of een vuistslag’) >>
“Whether it is a thrilling love duet or a dynamic group dance, everything convinces. Also the music by Slagwerk Den Haag is incredibly rich” (Theaterkrant) >>

Midnight Rising

‘Midnight Rising’ was rewarded with a Swan, the most important Dutch dance award, for best dance production 2013. According to the jury, the piece might be one of the most intriguing choreographies made by Guy Weizman and Roni Haver to date. ‘A performance in which the explosive dynamic dance seems to interact effortlessly with the electric and enervating music of the Israeli composer Ehud Banai. (…) It creates a choreography that allows the dancers to rise above themselves.” The dancers tap into serious topics, but never loose humour and entertainment out of sight. The performance shows in seven different ways how the soul can escape itself and this world. It is a search for grace, understanding and enlightenment. It is a piece about freedom of the mind, even when the body is trapped. Weightless, but not light-hearted, like the moment during a concert, when the band starts to play that one song that drives the crowd wild.

Ehud Banai is a very successful Israeli composer and singer songwriter. Ehud is born in Jerusalem (1953) within the legendary Banai family, with many famous film stars and musicians. He is regarded as the Israeli Bob Dylan with his fusion of folk, electro rock and religious music. His concerts are always surprising and visited by young and old, religious and not religious.

Elad Cohen Bonen explores as a composer and percussionist the boundaries between conceptual and commercial music. Elad studied at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague and he makes soundscapes, theatre music and film music.

During the performance, the music will not be played live.




Choreography: Guy Weizman and Roni Haver | Music: Ehud Banai en Elad Cohen Bonen | Live Music: Ehud Banai: guitar and vocals, Elad Cohen Bonen: percussion and electronics, Maya Belsitzman: cello and vocals | Dance: Dunja Jocic, Roni Haver, Camilo Chapela, Adam Peterson, Igor Podsiadly, Edan Gorlicki, Bojana Mitrovic | Dramaturgy: Veerle van Overloop | Costume Design: Slavna Martinovic | Stage Design: Ascon de Nijs | Light Design: Wil Frikken | Sound Design: Jannes Noorman | Technicians: Nico Wijnberg, Robert van Delft


On tour

Tour archive
Thu 19 Feb 2015 Stadsschouwburg | Groningen
Thu 26 Mar 2015 Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam | Amsterdam
Tue 07 Apr 2015 Theater De Veste | Delft
Fri 10 Apr 2015 Schouwburg Arnhem | Arnhem
Wed 15 Apr 2015 Zwolse theaters | Zwolle
Fri 17 Apr 2015 Posthuis Theater | Heerenveen
No performances scheduled

Naked Lunch

The ground-breaking masterpiece by the American author William Burroughs, Naked Lunch, was an inspiration for Guy Weizman and Roni Haver to create a performance by the same title. Burroughs’ anything goes approach to literature was their starting point to explore ‘freedom of being’.

Guy Weizman about Naked Lunch: “In the midst of the crisis, all we seem to be worried about are terms like success and purchasing power. Our fear of stepping out of line seems to outweigh our desire to embark on new adventures and our freedom to dare. Naked Lunch is my bible for individualistic thinking and creativity. Burroughs writes about the interzone, a place where dreams come true, hope thrives but your greatest fears also surface. We created such a place on stage.”

The performers of Club Guy & Roni are joined on stage by three singers from VOCAALLAB, and three percussionists from Slagwerk Den Haag. Yannis Kyriakides composed the music, Oscar van Woensel wrote the text.

We welcome you to our ADHD world of psychotic poetry, vulgar humor and the credo of our times: I say what I think, so I exist.



Choreography: Guy Weizman and Roni Haver | Music: Yannis Kyriakides | Text: Oscar van Woensel | Live Music: Slagwerk Den Haag and VocaalLAB | Dance: Dunja Jocic, Roni Haver, Amy Josh, Camilo Chapela, Adam Peterson, Igor Podsiadly | Acting and Dramaturgy: Veerle van Overloop | Percussion: Pepe Garcia, Enric Monfort, Frank Wienk | Singing: Steven van Gils, Tiemo Wang, Maciej Straburzynski | Costume Design: Slavna Martinovic | Stage Design: Ascon de Nijs | Light Design: Wil Frikken | Decor Construction: Douwe Ket | Technical Coordinator: Maarten Otten | Sound Design: Jannes Noorman | Visuals: Rinnert Veldman | Thanks to: Grand Theatre Groningen

Alpha Boys

Alpha Boys is based on a piece originally created for women, the Language of Walls. This new version is performed entirely by MEN!

Alpha Boys tells the story of a band of 7 men, as they hang around in a bar and dream of their breakthrough. Until that day arrives, this band of anti-heroes is dealing with the ‘joy’ of maturing, and waking up from their ‘college dreams’.

As an experiment in trespassing gender barriers, Alpha Boys is a wonderful chance to see the freedom men discover, when allowed to walk around with red pumps and blonde wigs. With all clichés involved: guns, alcohol, and a cupboard, the performance tries to explore the concept of the new ‘metrosexual’ man.

These guys would do A LOT for you to like them. Self respect and shame are left far outside the door of their world.



Choreography: Guy Weizman and Roni Haver | Music: Elad Cohen Bonen | Live Music: Jens Bouttery | Dance: Igor Podsiadly, Jorge Morro, Adam Peterson, Camilo Chapela, Victor Rottier, Davey Bakker, Arad Inbar | Costume Design: Slavna Martinovic | Stage Design: Ascon de Nijs | Light Design: Wil Frikken | Co-Production with Grand Theatre Groningen