The Poetic Disasters Club is a joined initiative of Club Guy & Roni, Noord Nederlands Toneel (NNT) and Slagwerk Den Haag (SDH). It is dedicated to the creation of fresh and contemporary repertory, performed by a young, international ensemble. In its 7th season the interdisciplinary cast will include dancers, musicians and actors. The group focuses on research and development and will produce a wide variety of productions (in theater/on location etc). The repertory will include productions created by new makers attached to Club Guy & Roni, Noord Nederlands Toneel and Slagwerk Den Haag.

Join our classes

Monday: Stretching & Massage / 19:00 – 20:15 / door: Eliana & Olympia

Tuesday: Conditioning-stretching / 19:00 – 20:15 / door: Louis

Wednesday: Ballet Beginners / 19:00 – 20:15 / door: Borna

Thursday: Contemporary / 19:00 – 20:30 / door: Matija

5,- per class, payment cash at the Studio. Please send an email in advance to let us know what class you would like to attend poeticdisasters6@gmail.com 


Olympia Kotopoulos

1995, Australian Made. Father descended from the Greek mafia, mother from the Hungarian gypsies. Thus she is an avid carb eater and fig enthusiast with the occasional temper of a bull ant. Aspires to be… a baby gangster. She’s short in stature but largest in heart. At 18 she was a pre professional at Sydney Dance Company after turning up at the audition in a bright orange leotard hardly knowing which was her left and which was her right. She learnt. With a fire in her belly she spent the next few years dancing through Spain, Mexico and Pompeii until she deep lunged her way to Groningen finding home amongst some great magic, creativity and wonderful humans. You can now spot her riding through Groningen on the PDC’s mascot: a bike too small for most 12 year olds, but just right for her. And no she can’t surf and she doesn’t say G’day.

Louis Thuriot

Keywords: Belgium, 1996, baking, eating, focussed, positive spirit, spontaneous, smiley, (very) direct, curious soul, big nose, small ears, active, constant creating, emotional and honest man. He grew up surrounded with music because his parents are both accordionists. He has a younger sister who gave him the sparkle of dance. At the age of 16 he started dancing at Kunsthumaniora Brussel and continued his study at Codarts Hogeschool voor Kunsten. He won prizes for his self-choreographed solo ‘Balance’ at Solo Tanz Theater Festival Stuttgart and Brussels Dance Competition. In a search for a new adventure he ended up at PDC and he lived happily ever after.

Borna Babić

Boy of a great height. Comes from the Northern Adriatic Sea of Croatia, the city of Rijeka. His father Vladimir Babić named him by the first Croatian prince Borna. His mother Borka Babić used to bake him a cake every day. Eating cake nowadays brings him pure nostalgia. He has a sweet heart and sweet stomach. As a seven year old he started to dance with cha-cha-cha step-step, continued with plié and relevé, went on with jazz hands and hip hop to end up in Codarts, Rotterdam. Abroad he met many inspiring people as Marina Mascarell, Jiří Kylián, Hannes Langolf and Club Guy & Roni who took him into the PDC.

Ayisha Siddiqi

Ayisha Siddiqi (26) is a drama thriller. Her father, mother, two sisters and brother lived in Saudi Arabia. One day her father said to her mother: ‘Pack your stuff, we’re going to make a car tour through Europe.’ Their tour brought them to Groningen. Unfortunately, the second night her father died from a cardiac arrest and the family could not go back home anymore. So she stayed in Groningen. The first 18 years without a residence permit, but she managed. She managed to pretend she was a normal teenager. She even dreamed like one. ‘I want to be the best Bollywood actress!’ When she got her high school degree her mom said: ‘Maybe it is better to choose for a secure study instead of acting? She decided to do the artists course at the Noorderpoort College. She did her internship at theatre group DOX, where she toured with the play: ‘I HAVE A DREAM’. In 2014 she started at the Theatre Academy of Maastricht, to study acting. In those years she started to build a new passion for writing. She used her pen to write scripts and her own texts in the play ‘Zeventien’ by Het Zuidelijk Toneel in which she plays as an actress too. Her next dream is starting her own production company Siddiqui Productions and make a TV serial about a Muslim girl who wants to be a drag queen.

Eliana Stragapede

“Pasta is for everybody”, she said. Eliana is a 21-years old, half Italian and half Italian girl. Sometimes people think she is a bit silly because of the big smile on her face when she doesn’t understand something. She still has some problems with the English language but she is a strong woman and it is going to improve soon (gestures are welcome too, but Dutch is not an option when you speak to her). Being a child she had no clue what to do in her life. One thing was clear, even before being born: she really enjoyed moving and her mum can confirm it. She practiced ballet technique first but ‘that’s not for everybody’ and it didn’t work out. Then she tried jazz and hip-hop. She was quite good but she was not satisfied until she discovered the contemporary world. Finally it worked. After receiving her diploma, she got accepted in the second year at Codarts Dance Academy in Rotterdam. Here she spent the last two years, missing the Italian food and sun, compensated by working with inspiring people and choreographers such as Jiri Kylian, Marina Mascarell, Lukas Timulak, Club Guy & Roni, etc. Now you can find her in the PDC in Groningen, even more up north, so it looks like she is going to dance with frozen limbs. Warming up will be important!

Matija Franješ

Started his life in the City of Zagreb (Cro). Even though he grew up in a patriarchal society, he was lucky enough to fall into a family where men cooked and women watched sport on TV. Soon after his birth he realized that a paintbrush sinks well into the palm of his hand and that theatre has something magical to it. Although he was forced to finish his multiple schools, to this date he didn’t have to use his knowledge about imaginary numbers or search for missing x’s around the world! After earning a few diplomas, he ventures into the great, wide world and got accepted into the Amsterdam Academy of Theatre and Dance where he, allegedly, opened many doors and stole a lot of tools. Nowadays, he likes to play with brushes, pencils, colors, papers, scissors, glue, textures, sound, movement, composition, vintage cameras, videos, editing programs and his albino rabbit to name a few. At the age of 22, he auditioned for PDC where he got accepted. He makes good pasta Bolognese and searches for his inner vulnerability because it’s trendy!

Phoenix Chase-Meares

Phoenix, aka Milk, referred to as Cashier No. 5, nick name Lesbian Pigeon is a British born gender fluid, queer movement artist. Milk started rolling around back in the 60’s, where s(he) worked with many unknown or illegal companies. Then there was a brief fifty-year gap in her history before magically turning up in London where Cashier No.5 trained at London studio centre, graduating in 2016. S(he) then went on to start her own company Toby Likes Milk, work as a club kid drag artist and serve the best coffee the big city had to offer. Before long, Phoenix was on the run and ended up emigrating to us here at Club Guy and Roni’s Poetic Disasters Club. His / her biggest dream in life is to be mistaken for someone with a Latino heritage.

Tim Olivier Somer

Family = everything. Born in Amsterdam, 1993. Raised as a Globetrotter. Several cities in the Netherlands, Lisbon. Roots are everywhere. Family = everywhere. Shy at first sight. Wait -> when you know me. I give. Love food / drinks. Colors. Jen. Party. Nature. The living. Huge passion for art, music, theatre, dance, design, performance, film, fashion, graphic, erotic, photo. Music = Jazz. Theatre = Christoph Marthaler. Dance = Club Guy and Roni. Design = Sol le Witt. Performance = I LOVE MARINA. Film = Roy Andersson. Fashion = Maison the Faux. Graphic = David Hockney. Erotic = Peter Franck. Photo = Ed van der Elsken.

Fourth season and fifth season (2015-2017): 

6 dancers: Tatiana Matveeva, Sonia Zwolska, Milan Schudel, Manuel Paolini, Agnese Fiocchi, Patrick de Haan, Harold Luya (first year only).
3 musicians: Judith Döhn, Élénie Wagner, Andy Smart

Works: KASPAR directed by Hendrik Aerts (Weekend Break, Theaterfestival de Parade); Mechanical Ecstasy with Club Guy & Roni, by Guy Weizman and Roni Haver (Oerol, Théâtre National de Chaillot Paris, Welcome to the Village); Niemandsland by Roni Haver and Karin Noeken (school performances and Oosterpoort Groningen), Self-Accusation directed by Hendrik Aerts (Amsterdamse Bos, Theaterfestival De Parade) and much more.

Third season (2014-2015):

5 dancers: Leire Otamendi Albisu, Malou Kaaijk, Alessandra Orzati, Nik Rajsek and Patrick Schmatzer.

Works: Mechanical Ecstasy with Club Guy & Roni, by Guy Weizman and Roni Haver (club tour in Paradigm Groningen, Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam, Lux Nijmegen and Oosterpoort Groningen); Niemandsland by Roni Haver and Karin Noeken (school performances and Oosterpoort Groningen), ‘De vonk’ with Club Guy & Roni, by Guy Weizman and Roni Haver (Festival Classique, Hofvijverconcert Den Haag).

Second Season:
6 Dancers: Courtney Robertson, Maxime Landstra, Ada Daniele, Arad Inbar, Davey Bakker, Victor Rottier.
3 Shorts from Roni Haver
Alpha Boys (Russian Tour) (2014 Dutch Tour)
offending the audience by Hendrik Aerts and Adam Peterson
Niemandsland by Roni Haver and Karin Noeken.
The Mirror (Movie) by Guy Weizman and Gijs Kerbosch (100% Halal)

First Season:
7 Dancers: Salim Ben Mammar, Amy Josh, Jordan Achiano, Jamie de Groot, Courtney Robertson, Karen Brinkman, Federica Rizzo.
Works: Deleted Scenes by Roni Haver, Motiv(n)ation by Edan Gorlicki
Performances: De Nacht van Kunst & Wetenschap, Terug naar het Begin, Appingedam, Motel Mozaïque, Parade Den Haag, Rotterdam