A few years ago Club Guy & Roni created a new dance company under their roof, Club Guy & Roni’s Poetic Disasters Club. With the cutting of arts funding in the Netherlands and the subsequent cutting back of educational/ training programs for younger dancers, The Club decided it was responsible to create a new home for young and upcoming professionals. Every year the Club welcomes young dancers to come to Groningen to audition for this new company. And that’s how the PDC, as we like to call them, was born. The group changes every season.

Physically, these young dancers are ready for the real work; however, mentally the gap between the dance academy and the professional dance world is too big. For Club Guy & Roni, the Poetic Disasters Club is also a kind of research into how the current cultural climate differs from 15 years ago and what it means to be a young artist in these times. The repertoire includes works by Guy Weizman and Roni Haver as well as works by young makers who are connected with Club Guy & Roni.

Fourth season and fifth season (2015-2017)

Tatiana Matveeva

Tatiana PDC

I was born and grew up in a small town in Russia. It doesn’t make sense to say the name because nobody knows where it is. Not even the Russians. At 4 years old I started to dance in a children’s company. We did a lot of gymnastics and super real Russian ballet stuff. When I finished school and the time came to start student life, I decided to pick a ‘normal’ profession and now I am a Russian dancer with a law degree. Legally blonde. Then I realized that I was not smart enough to be a lawyer. Hello dancing again. I moved to the Netherlands and tried to be a good student at the Amsterdam University of the Arts. Finally PDC 4 happened, where they took me – I think – to become a bad translator for Sofiko.

Sonia Zwolska

Sonia PDC

Hello, I’m Sonia and I can’t start my day without coffee and a cigarette, so you probably know what I want for Valentine’s Day. I come from a land of milk and honey. Honey of course with some percentage of alcohol, so I guess you know that the land is called Poland. I was a really hyperactive kid with a tendency of getting injuries while running around playgrounds. My parents sent me to a lot of extra classes like gymnastics, football so at the age of eleven I had to choose between going to ballet school or sports school for swimmers. Although being absolutely no girly girl with my snowboard and skater pants, I obviously chose pink tutu. After six years I got rebellious, coloured my hair pumpkin orange and quit ballet school for a normal life of a high school teenager with some extra modern dance classes at STW dance school in Poznan. Thanks to my dance teacher I landed at Codarts Dance Academy in Rotterdam instead of studying diplomacy and that is how my serious adventure with dance started again. Now I am a happy member of PDC 4 with some serious love for adrenaline, pandas, sunglasses and pillows.

Milan Schudel

Milan PDC

My name is Milan Falco Schudel, with the emphasis on Falco. This bird chickened out of his secondary school. Flapping like a hummingbird without getting anywhere, I flew into MBO ‘Sport & Bewegen’, which made me smoothen my wings. Next I pointed my feathers on dance and set claw in Tilburg, the place that turned my verbal diarrhea into a sharp beak and my eyes from drowsy to precise. Now I’m jetting through the universe trying to leave gravity-space-time to its original owner, and to focus on the ‘vreemde vogel’ that I am.

Manuel Paolini

Manuel PDC

Nice to meet you. I’m Manuel. I have a Spanish name. I don’t like coffee and I hate to go to the beach even though I’m from Italy. As a defected Italian at a certain point the Republic put me in a box and sent me in exile to the wild north. I started a pilgrimage that brought me to Florence and somehow ended up at the Rotterdam Dance Academy. I was 15 when I had my first dance class in my small city on the Adriatic coast. My dance teacher asked me ‘Do you want to dance seriously or do you want to dance to have fun?’ I answered: ‘I dance to have fun’. Now that I moved from Rotterdam to Guyandroningen to be part of the Poetic Disasters Club, my answer to that question would be ‘I dance to have fun’. My only philosophy is that important things should be done for fun… The only things I take seriously are Playstation, food and board games.


Agnese Fiocchi

Agnese PDC

At the beginning I wanted to do philosophy; but then a choreographer came with the tempting proposal of living away from home and studying dance in Rome. That’s when it all started. Rome ended up being still too close to home and that’s why I auditioned for ArtEZ Dance Academy in Arnhem and ended up in the Nether(far)lands. You could imagine how happy I was to join the PDC and add some more km to the distance (more or less 1348 km now). I do love my family though. I have a soft spot for animals: when I retire I will open a rescue centre and start performing for my cows and sheep and rabbits and other hairy creatures. My plan is already developing, since as soon as I arrived in Groningen I had to rescue a black little kitten from the street.

Patrick de Haan

Patrick PDC

I was born next to Groningen, which is Friesland, and I started ballroom dancing there. I noticed there weren’t a lot of guys and, since I am not really comfortabel talking to women, I could at least dance with them. After I scored myself a girlfriend through dancing, I didn’t really want to do that anymore. It was mostly doing tricks for other people in a penguin-tuxedo, so I decided to audition for the Modern Theatre dance department in Amsterdam. This fitted me better; I could just do what I wanted to do and in my third year I auditioned for the PDC. So for now, no more dance partner, but still doing tricks without the penguin-tuxedo.

Harold Luya

Harold PDC

The name is Harold Luya. My friends call me Harold but you can call me Harold. The people who brought me to this earth – called my parents – are from Congo but somehow I grew up in Leiden. This boy was 13 years old when he started dancing at the Leidse Balletschool in Leiden because I did not have another choice. I only wanted to play soccer or dance, but when my soccer trainer told me that I had to stop playing because I have two left feet (I can’t play soccer), I started dancing. Because the dancing went well and I couldn’t stop moving, I decided to go to the Amsterdam University of the Arts and continue developing myself in dance. I suffered, laughed and suffered again and now I’m one of the seven beautiful dancers of PDC 4. I am very happy that I am part of this group and if you don’t believe me, come to one, two or three performances of the club.

Participant season 4 (2015-2016)

For the PDC production ‘Kaspar’ the following musicians have been added to the cast: 

Judith Döhn

image (1)

I grew up with basically just music around me so I did not really have a choice… When I was six I saw a violin and thought: that’s it! But what do you know when you are six? I actually wanted much more than that. For example, dancing hard to techno beats and seeing the world! So after school I went to Mexico for a year and then travelled to Berlin to enjoy electronic music and become a social worker. But it turned out I am not THAT social. I would rather do silly things, art and music. But studying classical violin? Never! So in the Netherlands I went to study Jazz and Pop Music, whilst stealing my best friend’s effect board. Because nowadays I can get the oddest noises from my violin, I’m still very happy with the choices I made before. From Reggae, Pop, Electro and Jazz to the theatre stage. Here I discovered my greatest love. Making music only becomes more intense for me in cooperation with other disciplines. With the PDC I can fully enjoy this!

Élénie Wagner

image (2)

I’m Élénie. Born in the Netherlands, I grew up in Germany with family in England and a Greek name. My parents are musicians and moved to Germany when I was one because there was no work for them in the Netherlands. I grew up in a too small village with nothing but farms and children who were not allowed to play outdoors on Sundays. I was so bored that often I would just scream. Soon I was famous in the village for my loud voice (in German: “Die Sirene”) and decided to do something with it. Through the successful attempt of my parents to move to a bigger city, and after fininshing the German grammar school which I attended with much rebellion and criticism, I finally went back to my homeland to study at the ArtEZ Institute of the Arts Music Theatre. During these four years, I absorbed everything that had to do with voice, performance, language and music. I have also been on an intership in Nepal in Kathmandu and there I have fulfilled my biggest dream: stroking an elephant. Now I am a proud member of the PDC and I can do as much screaming, singing, making music and composing as I want.

Andy Smart


My name is Andy Smart. I’m an inter-dimensional, shape-shifting, anime princess, sent back in time to help heal and transform the planet through sharing my gifted knowledge of interdisciplinarian arts. I’m a story-teller, and an adventurous millennial searching for other like minded witches and wizards. I was born in the United States, however, I’ve been living in the Netherlands for the past five years as a freelance performance artist. From contemporary dancer, to MC, to mystical illustrator, I continue to follow my myriad of talents in pursuit of my personal truth and happiness. I studied in New York, and graduated with a BFA from SUNY Purchase’s Conservatory of Dance. In 2011, I began my European adventures through an additional year of study with Codarts Hogeschool Voor de Kunsten. It has been a strange, ambiguous five years spent working in the Netherlands, but a chapter in my life which has taught me the most about slaying dragons and celebrating the child-like mind inside myself. It is a goal of mine to work and create in such a way that reflects an authenticity that helps others realise truer, more powerful aspects of their nature and purpose.

Third season (2014-2015):

5 dancers: Leire Otamendi Albisu, Malou Kaaijk, Alessandra Orzati, Nik Rajsek and Patrick Schmatzer.

Works: Mechanical Ecstasy with Club Guy & Roni, by Guy Weizman and Roni Haver (club tour in Paradigm Groningen, Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam, Lux Nijmegen and Oosterpoort Groningen); Niemandsland by Roni Haver and Karin Noeken (school performances and Oosterpoort Groningen), ‘De vonk’ with Club Guy & Roni, by Guy Weizman and Roni Haver (Festival Classique, Hofvijverconcert Den Haag).

Second Season:
6 Dancers: Courtney Robertson, Maxime Landstra, Ada Daniele, Arad Inbar, Davey Bakker, Victor Rottier.
3 Shorts from Roni Haver
Alpha Boys (Russian Tour) (2014 Dutch Tour)
offending the audience by Hendrik Aerts and Adam Peterson
Niemandsland by Roni Haver and Karin Noeken.
The Mirror (Movie) by Guy Weizman and Gijs Kerbosch (100% Halal)

First Season:
7 Dancers: Salim Ben Mammar, Amy Josh, Jordan Achiano, Jamie de Groot, Courtney Robertson, Karen Brinkman, Federica Rizzo.
Works: Deleted Scenes by Roni Haver, Motiv(n)ation by Edan Gorlicki
Performances: De Nacht van Kunst & Wetenschap, Terug naar het Begin, Appingedam, Motel Mozaïque, Parade Den Haag, Rotterdam

Open Classes


Schedule second season (December 2016).

Address: Akkerstraat 97A, 9717 KZ Groningen. Ring bell 97a to enter.






19:00-20:15 – STRETCHING – Tatiana Matveeva



19:00-20:15 – POP CULTURE – Andy Smart



18:45 – 19:30 – BALLET – Manuel Paolini