The Club

Dynamic, daring, unpolished, but also touching and humorous. Club Guy & Roni is an international dance company, founded in 2002 in Groningen by Guy Weizman and Roni Haver. They create mysterious, musical and seductive dance performances, dealing with contemporary topics and reaching far beyond the genre of ‘dance’.

In its quest for innovation, the Club collaborates with artists from other disciplines such as music, film, theater, science and visual arts. Generating new music is a key feature in the work of the Club. Composers such as Heiner Goebbels, Yannis Kyriakides and Michael Gordon were invited to write original scores. The Club also works with writers like Judith Herzberg who made a special adaptation of L’Histoire du Soldat.

The Club is a popular guest at international festivals in, among others, Madrid, Rome, Tallinn, Berlin, Marseille and Frankfurt. The Club also performed at the prestigious American Jacob’s Pillow Festival, and the Grec Festival in Barcelona. Site specific performances are presented in festivals such as the Oerol Festival on Terschelling Island.

Guy & Roni

Guy Weizman and Roni Haver are both Israeli choreographers living and working in the Netherlands. They started their career in the Bat Sheva Ensemble in Tel Aviv and danced with several companies through Europe, like Ultima Vez in Brussels (Wim Vandekeybus), Lanonima Imperial in Barcelona (Juan Carlos Garcia) and Galili Dance in Amsterdam and Groningen (Itzik Galili). In 2002 they started their own company in the city of Groningen (NL). In their work they focus on contemporary subjects with the aim to inspire, confront and touch the audience. The recurring theme in their work is personal liberation.

From 2010 to 2014 Haver and Weizman were ‘artists in residence’ at the State Theatre in Oldenburg. In September 2014 they moved along with the artistic staff of Oldenburg to take up residency at the State Theatre in Mainz. Since 2011, they have been working together with the Tsekh Contemporary Dance Centre in Moscow, and coproductions were also created in Tuscany and Belgrade, as well as with the Gothenburg Ballet (Sweden), Schauspiel Kölln (Germany) and Carte Blanche (Norway).

Back at home in Groningen Club Guy & Roni also enjoys to be part of collaborations with diverse partners, for example Noord Nederlands Toneel, het Noord Nederlands Orkest and Theater De Steeg.

Guy Weizman and Roni Haver have received several prestigious awards for best choreography that include the Swan for the performance ‘Midnight Rising’ in the Netherlands, as well as the Golden Mask for the performance ‘L’Histoire du Soldat’ in Russia. In 2013 Guy Weizman was awarded the Groninger Cultuurprijs 2013.

Since 2017 Guy Weizman is also the new artistic director of the Noord Nederlands Toneel (NNT), next to his role as artistic leader of Club Guy & Roni. Both companies will continue their intensive collaboration.


Adam (a.k.a. Adam Richard Peterson)

I am a sunny California gentleman. I started as a Karate warrior and after achieving the black belt, I quit. Then I tried breakdance and I was bad, and so I quit again. But I’m not a quitter, so I tried something new. Jazz. I really like Jazz but I decided to put it aside because I’m not a quitter, and decided to focus on something new. So I moved to happy San Francisco and took up ballet. I finished school, worked with some great people and decided to move out here. I can’t speak Dutch, I have to stand on my toes in public urinals (because I’m too short) but I like it here. The people here make fun of me sometimes, but I fight back because I’m a warrior and not a quitter, and also because I know it’s the European way of showing love.

Alpha Boys (Russia)

Angela (a.k.a. Angela Herenda)

I was born in a small town in the coast of Croatia in 1988 when the star was bright red and the land was called Yugoslavia. I started dancing and acting in a refugee camp in Istria during the war that has many names (Yugoslav war, Civil War, Croatian War for Independence, The Stupid Useless War). Shortly after returning to my hometown I enrolled in a small music school and became the next “girl that’s gonna make something out of herself”. Then I started at the Rotterdam Dance Academy where they told me everything I do is beautiful but not correct. In Holland I got the chance to work with some inspiring people, Andreas Denk, Jens van Daele, Georg Reischl, Miek Uittenhout, Random Collision crew (Edan Gorlicki, Ariel Cohen, Osnat Kelner). Then I got shipped off to Hong Kong, flew over to cold and dark Sweden, spent a season with Tanzcompagnie Oldenburg and then ended up with Club Guy & Roni.

Camilo (a.k.a. Camilo Miguel Chapela Mazariegos)

I am the last Mexican ginger on earth. At least I used to be in my youth. When I had hair. I always wanted to fly so I became the Mexican champion in jumping prettily into water (Olympic diving) but I am not gay. After my sports career I started a couple of different studies: physics, electronics, cooking and mariachi playing. But I didn’t like school. When I first saw contemporary dance I thought: “that looks fairly easy”, so at 20 I started doing that. I moved to Brasil, got a huge tattoo of a phoenix on my back (but everyone thinks it’s a peacock) and I discovered that whenever I want to fly, drinking helps. You could say I’m a frequent flyer. Platinum member. My miles got me to Holland a few years ago and since then I learned to say: biertje and broodtje, ik ben toch hier thuis.

Dunja (a.k.a. Dunja Jocic)

I come from Belgrade, if you don’t know where that is – google it :). As a kid I was a rhythmic gymnast (Yugoslavian Champion) and when I was 12 I organized a riot in Istanbul, which involved trashing a hotel together with my pig-tailed team members. The next day I still won the gold medal. Relentlessly. I started dancing when I was 15. Accidentally. Because of a friend. Accidentally, I also ended up in Rotterdam for my dance education. Finally I got myself into a real accident, spent 8 months in rehab, but after that I met Guy and Roni in 2002 and the rest is history… Guy and Roni have kept me imprisoned ever since, if you read this, I am alive, please send help. Money will also work.

Igor (a.k.a. Igor Podsiadly)

Nobody in Holland can pronounce my surname properly. Especially not Guy. I started dancing in Poland at an early age with a 90’s competitive disco group. I was the only boy, slightly overweight but I got all the solos because “I had potential”. During my second year with the Rotterdam Dance Academy, I sent Club Guy & Roni an email to show my interest in their work. They ignored it.  A couple of months later I was sent by the academy to work on a project with the Club because they asked for “someone tall”. I made sure I got a solo, which is good because I suck at communicating with other people. Since 2005 I am a shiny member of Club Guy & Roni and I get solos all the time.

Gift for Infinity (foto Ruben van Vliet)

Harold (a.k.a. Harold Luya)

The name is Harold Luya. My friends call me Harold but you can call me Harold. The people who brought me to this earth – called my parents – are from Congo but somehow I grew up in Leiden. This boy was 13 years old when he started dancing at the Leidse Balletschool in Leiden because I did not have another choice. I only wanted to play soccer or dance, but when my soccer trainer told me that I had to stop playing because I have two left feet (I can’t play soccer), I started dancing. Because the dancing went well and I couldn’t stop moving, I decided to go to the Amsterdam University of the Arts and continue developing myself in dance. I suffered, laughed and suffered again and then I became one of the seven beautiful dancers of PDC 4. After finishing my internship I went to dance in the musical The Lion King. Now I’m one of the six beautiful and amazing dancers of Club Guy & Roni. I am very happy that I am part of this group and if you don’t believe me, come to one, two or three performances of the Club.

Sofiko (a.k.a. Sofiko Nachkebiya)

Sofiko is the newest addition to the club. Born and raised in Russia, she does not speak a lot of English. So we know practically nothing about her. Besides that she is an amazing talent and a beautiful dancer of course. That’s also why we stole her away from the Theatre Ballet Moscow. Soon, we will break the language barrier and then we will tell you all about her on this site.